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Your Vehicle Air System and Maine Living

Your vehicle air system is important but even more so if you live in Maine. Nobody wants to have their system go on the fritz when the weather outside is frightful.

Our vehicle’s air system provides heating and cooling, a must wherever you live but one particularly important for Mainers, who experience extremes in weather including heat and cold.

However, there are more reasons for maintaining your vehicle’s air system than comfort. As we’ll see, maintaining it is essential for protecting you and your passengers as well as your vehicle.

Two Systems Working Together

Your vehicle’s air system does more than heat and cool your vehicle. In fact, it also serves opposite purposes. For example, did you know your heating system not only keeps you warm but cools your car’s engine? If the heating system fails, your engine can overheat.

Likewise, your cooling system does more than keep things frosty during the dog days of summer. Your cooling system draws humidity out of the air, which in turn defrosts and defogs your windows in the cold Maine winters.

Health Benefits

Your vehicle’s air system provides comfort but it also can help your health. This intricate system contains an air filter that protects you from bacteria, dust, pollen, and even exhaust fumes.

A Complex System

Your vehicle’s air system consists of several components which work together to do their job. These parts include the blower fan, the thermostat, and the heater core.

Typically, these components are difficult to access which is why preventative maintenance is preferable to repair.

Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Heating System

So how do you maintain your vehicle’s air system? You should run periodic checks on your system, running the fan speeds at their highest setting and cycling through the various sectors (windshield, floor, etc.).

Another key diagnostic is checking your coolant levels. It is important to periodically check your coolant. However, you also need to ensure you have the properly rated coolant for your climate.

You should also perform periodic coolant flushes and refills. If you aren’t comfortable doing this or any other maintenance, check with your local mechanic.

Signs of Trouble

In some cases, it’s easy to tell if your vehicle’s air system is malfunctioning. For example, your car’s heater gets you a bit too toasty when you use it, regardless of the setting. On the other hand, it may take what seems forever for your car to heat up.

Another warning sign is a sweet smell in your car. Engine coolant has a sickly sweet odor and if you smell it blowing in through your vents, it’s time to get your vehicle checked out.

Fog blowing into your car is another sign of trouble. This could be due to a problem with your vehicle’s heating core. Don’t put this off.

Now that we know why your vehicle air system is particularly important if you live in Maine, how can you keep it running well?

Diagnostics and Repairs

A qualified motor vehicle shop can provide diagnostic services and if needed, repairs. For example, if you notice your coolant levels are frequently low, you may have a coolant leak.

Like any motor vehicle maintenance, regular maintenance can prevent or reduce the chance of major repairs.

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