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The Importance of Studded Tires in Maine

With winter fast approaching, you want the right set of tires to get you through Maine’s often wild weather. Everyone knows the importance of studded tires in Maine, but what are the best ones to buy and how do you make sure they comply with state law? Thankfully, the answers to these questions are easier than you might think.

How Do Studded Tires Work?

Studded tires contain small, light metal spikes that are spread out across the tire tread. These spikes provide better traction by breaking through snow and ice. This provides you with more control and traction than you would have with studless tires.

Are Studded Tires Legal in Maine?

Studded tires are legal in Maine but like many other states, they can only be used during certain times of the year. Maine law allows the use of studded tires from October 1st to May 1st. If you are using studded tires you must place them on all four tires or you can be ticketed. Any reputable tire dealer will inform you about this.

Purchasing the Right Studded Tires

Now that you know what studded tires are and when you can use them, it’s time to find the right set. If you’ve never owned studded tires, you may not know that studded tires have extra tread depth which means your size options are more limited than studless tires. Make sure you go to a tire professional that will fit your vehicle with the right size tire for your vehicle.

Helpful Hints for Using Studded Tires in Maine

If you’ve never used studded tires before, make sure you take the following steps to break them in for the first 300 miles. Doing so will allow the studs to set in properly and extend the tires’ life.

  • Avoid rapid acceleration
  • Avoid violent braking.
  • Avoid turning at high speeds.

While studded tires are very helpful in the ice and snow, they will reduce your traction on clear roads. Therefore, exercise proper caution when driving on clear roads with studded tires and make sure you have them removed after May 1st!

Studded tires can drastically increase your safety while driving during the icy and snowy months. Berube’s Complete Auto Care is staffed with dependable tire professionals and they can answer all your questions about equipping your vehicle with studded tires or any other tires.

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