Whether it's a standard oil change or a transmission swap, we here at Berube's Auto Care are here to get your vehicle safely back on the road!

Some of our services include:

Check Engine Diagnostics

A check engine light may seem like the end of the world. However, Berube’s team of skilled and experienced technicians know that there are many reasons a check engine light may go off. They range from simple fixes to more complex fixes. Whatever the cause, we will let you know what is causing the warning light to go off. From there, we can advise you on the cause and provide your options.

Airbag Diagnostics

Airbag diagnostics are an important component of protecting you and your passengers. Motor vehicle safety has improved over the decades, making automobile transportation safer than ever. The addition of airbags has played a major role in automotive safety. However, they are only useful if they are working at 100% efficiency. Unlike many repairs, a layperson may not know how to deal with airbag maintenance. Berube’s automotive technicians are well-versed in all vehicles. They know the latest developments and standards for maintaining your vehicle’s airbags.

Tire Pressure Monitoring Sensors

Tire pressure is important for fuel efficiency, handling, and of course safety. Thanks to tire pressure monitoring sensors, it’s easier to monitor our tires. However, what happens if a warning light goes on? Berube’s staff know that not everyone has the time, knowledge, or equipment to respond to a warning light from a tire pressure monitoring sensor. The same applies in the event your sensor malfunctions.

Required Maintenance Schedules

Whether you own or lease your car, required maintenance is essential for your vehicle’s short-term and long-term life. One of the challenges is that there is no longer a “one size fits all” approach to required maintenance. Fortunately, Berube’s team of technicians is familiar with various makes and models, including hybrids. We will work with you to make sure you follow the required maintenance schedule for each of your vehicles.

Required maintenance can help you with fuel efficiency, prevent unnecessary and sometimes costly repairs, and ensure your vehicle is ready for its inspection.

Air Conditioning Systems - Diagnostics and Repairs

There are many reasons why a vehicle’s air conditioning system isn’t working effectively or working at all. Berube’s provides air conditioning systems diagnostics and repairs when necessary. Air conditioning involves more than your comfort in warm weather. It also can be a sign of other problems with your vehicle. The good news is that if you catch a minor problem with your air conditioning system, you can help prevent major problems down the road.

Heating Systems - Diagnostics and Repairs

Heating systems are particularly important to Mainers which is why Berube’s is ready to help you with any and all diagnostics and repairs. There are many components to heating systems, something which can challenge a layperson looking for the cause and solution to a heating system problem. Rest assured that Berube’s has dealt with heating systems from various vehicles and our team has the latest diagnostic tools to determine the problem.


Everyone knows the importance of brakes but unfortunately, some people avoid getting routine maintenance that can prevent expensive bills or worse. Preventative maintenance is important in every aspect of your vehicle’s yet brakes are often ignored, which affects fuel efficiency, tire life, and of course, safety. Berube’s can help you with whatever your brake needs are whether you need a check-up, replacement brake pads, or more. The team at Berube’s can also incorporate a service schedule to ensure you don’t forget about brake maintenance.

Steering and Suspension

Steering and suspension systems are one of your vehicle’s most essential components. They are also one of the most complex which means it can be difficult to spot warning signs that something is off. Routine maintenance is essential for keeping your steering and suspension system working. However, there are also times when an accident or other mishap damages your steering and suspension system, which can seem like a daunting task. Berube’s is qualified to work on these complex systems.


Is your vehicle veering to the left or the right when the wheel is at 12 o'clock? Alignments can be an overlooked area for vehicle maintenance. If your vehicle is improperly aligned, it can put unnecessary wear on your tires, steering, suspension system, and even your brakes. Berube’s provides alignments for all makes and models, and can make sure you're following the recommended maintenance intervals.

Tire Services

Tire services most commonly include tire rotation, tire repair, and tire replacement. Berube’s can also help you with finding the right tire for your vehicle, including proper winter tires. Mainers know the challenges of winter weather and we offer comprehensive tire services, year-round.