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The Importance of Brake Service in Maine

Brake service in Maine would seem to be a no-brainer for motorists, but brake service is overlooked by drivers far too often. There are many reasons for getting brake service beyond safety, including your car’s performance, maintaining its value, and protecting yourself from unnecessary legal problems.

A Complex Safety System

Your vehicle has many safety features with the braking system arguably being the most important. The braking system is more complex than you may realize. It is made up of many different parts including the brake rotors, calipers, the master cylinder, brake lines, and of course brake pads.

Maintaining Your Brakes

While your braking system is complex, it is easy to tell when it’s time to get it serviced. Your braking system has a device called an indicator, which emits a high-pitched noise when your vehicle needs new brake pads. You may also notice your vehicle isn’t braking as well as it did when you first acquired it.

If you’ve neglected your brakes, you may hear a grinding sound, which could be a sign of something more serious. If you hear this, head to your mechanic.

Routine maintenance can spare you added expense. For example, getting your brake pads replaced costs less than getting your rotors replaced.

The Benefits of Well-Maintained Brakes

The most important reason for maintaining your brakes is safety.

If your brakes aren’t working at peak efficiency, this can lead to consequences ranging from a minor dent in your car to far worse.

We all know that driving a vehicle can be dangerous, especially with our harsh Maine winters. Properly maintained brakes can assist you in maintaining better control of your vehicle, especially in situations involving bad weather or poorly maintained roads. With this in mind, it’s critical that you maintain your brakes.

It’s also the law – worn out brake pads will not pass Maine state inspection.

Maintaining Your Vehicle’s Value

The importance of brake service can also affect your vehicle’s value.

Bad brakes can affect other aspects of your vehicle such as your tires.

Protecting You from Dangerous Drivers

As any seasoned driver will tell you, you can be an outstanding driver yet find yourself in a dangerous situation thanks to “the other guy.” Having effective brakes can make the difference between someone’s poor driving leading to an accident and you escaping unscathed.

Whether it’s injury or inconvenience, it’s critical to ensure your brakes work properly!

Protecting You from Legal Liability

Motor vehicle owners are responsible for maintaining their vehicles, including their brakes. A driver may be legally responsible for damages caused by brake failure if it can be shown that the brakes were poorly maintained. This is one of the many reasons that Maine state law requires its motorists vehicle’s pass a safety inspection.

Here at Berube’s Auto Care, we provide Maine state inspection services.

The Importance of Brake Service

Whether you already know about the importance of brake service, or you just needed a reminder, we hope this information has been useful.

If you find yourself in the Lewiston, Maine area, bring your vehicle to Berube’s Complete Auto Care for our quality brake service and any other motor vehicle needs. You can schedule an appointment right here on our website.