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3 Signs That You Need Brake Repairs

Maine winters are beautiful, but it’s no secret that cold weather and salt can be harmful to your brakes.

The colder months are just around the corner, so it’s a good idea to make sure that your car’s brakes are in tip-top shape to keep your vehicle driving safely. You never want to be caught in a situation where your brakes fail, so it’s best to be on the lookout for indicators of degrading performance.

Here are three signs that you may need brake services done on your vehicle.

1. You Feel Vibrations When Braking

Vibrations when braking are a telltale sign that something is wrong. Your brake pads can get contaminated with oil and dirt, which will cause them to vibrate when clamping onto the rotor. On the other hand, excessive wear or damage to the pads can cause the pedal to vibrate and lead to a serious accident if you continue to drive on them. If you feel vibrations in your car, pedal, or steering wheel when you brake, you should get your brakes inspected as soon as possible to ensure your safety.

2. Your Brakes Grind, Squeak, or Screech

While it’s not uncommon for your brakes to make noise from time to time, it should not be a common occurrence. If your brakes are squeaking, grinding, or screeching, there is a good chance that there could be an issue with your brake system or pads. Like your tires, your brake pads wear down as you drive, so it may be time to replace them. Driving on worn pads can cause further damage to your brake system, so it’s best to get any noises inspected to identify the issue and prevent further damage to your vehicle.

3. Your Brake Pedal Feels Less Effective

If your brake pedal feels like it’s going to the floor when you depress it, there is a chance that something isn’t right. Weak brakes can lead to a dangerous brake failure, so if you notice any difficulty in your ability to stop your car quickly and safely, take your vehicle in for service immediately.

Brake Services in Auburn, Lisbon, and Sabattus, Maine

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