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Signs That You May Need the Best Auto Technician in Maine

For all vehicle owners reading this, we at Berube’s Complete Auto Care have taken it upon ourselves to compile and share a few tips that will help you identify engine-related problems in your vehicle. Ideally, you’ll identify the issues early – before they potentially compound into serious (and costly) repairs.

While some of these things may be considered obvious, you’d be surprised how many times we seem to see them neglected. And usually when engine problems are left unchecked, they worsen and can even negatively affect other vehicle components.

Here are a few things to look out for to ensure that your vehicle engine is healthy and kept at optimal performance.

  • Spark Plugs: If your engine is misfiring, you should be wary of your spark plugs as they might be worn out. Other common problems associated with faulty spark plugs include hard starting, low fuel economy, and sluggish acceleration. Do you know when the last time your spark plugs were replaced? If the answer is no, it’s probably time to get the them replaced!
  • Engine Air Filter: If your engine’s air filter is dirty or clogged, you might start to experience a reduction in vehicle speed and overall performance. Air filters tend to get dirty and clogged, leading to a gradual but steady loss of acceleration over time.
  • Warning Lights: You should be wary of the warning lights on your dashboard. Although sometimes it’s easier to pretend these are simply decorative elements on the dash, these lights are often one of the first indications that something with the vehicle needs to be diagnosed, and should therefore be taken seriously.

At Berube’s Complete Auto Care in Lewiston, we have professionally trained auto technicians with a wealth of experience in servicing customer vehicles and meeting every customer’s car repair needs. We employ the best diagnostic tools to ensure that we have identified vehicle problems correctly and recommend the most effective solutions.

Of course, it will be more expensive to begin repairs and replacements after the damage. Make the best of your vehicle today and ensure that you’re on the preventive side while still controlling the situation.

  • Implement a routine maintenance plan

One way to avoid costly repairs is to develop a strict maintenance routine. Having a maintenance–centric approach for your vehicle will help you stay ahead of costly repairs. Hear a noise that doesn’t sound normal? Not sure the last time you checked the wear and tare on your tires? Brakes not performing at optimal performance? It’s time to take your vehicle into the shop!

  • Routine vehicle check ups

While most of us know to take our vehicles in for routine oil changes, it’s a good idea when doing so to also advise your mechanic to look at the rest of your fluids. For example, brake fluid and transmission fluid are essential to the performance and safety of your vehicle.

If you adhere to the above vehicle maintenance procedures, you should significantly improve your vehicle health and performance for an extended period. This will save you time, money, and perhaps most importantly, it can save you aggravation.

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