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Finding the Best Auto Mechanic in Maine

Looking for the best auto mechanic in Maine?

Just like every other machine with moving parts, your vehicle will eventually need maintenance and repairs. A skilled auto mechanic diagnoses these problems with your vehicle and advises on the best practical solution to get you back on the road.

When should you see an auto mechanic?

Watch out for the following issues as they are a few signs and indicators that an appointment with an auto mechanic may be necessary:

  1. General Repair: Is your vehicle making strange noises? Not shifting smoothly? Whether it’s something major such as your vehicle’s transmission, or something as simple as a 4 wheel alignment, we here at Berube’s are ready to get your car back on the road.
  2. Fluid leaks: Leakages can be a perfect visual reminder to get your vehicle serviced. If you’re noticing stains or puddles beneath your car, give us a call today.
  3. Check Engine Light: Is your check engine light or other warning light on? This could be something as simple as a burnt out fuse, or perhaps something much more serious. No one wants to break down beside the road, so it’s important to bring your vehicle to a trusted auto mechanic for diagnosis anytime a check engine light is on.
  4. Routine maintenance: It’s important to service your vehicle at regular intervals, and not just when you think there’s an issue. Oil changes are not the only preventative maintenance measure you should consider when servicing your vehicle. Things like tires, brakes, and hoses don’t last forever. Stay ahead of issues by regularly bringing your vehicle in for service.

What does the best auto mechanic in Maine offer?

  • Maintenance and Auto Repair: In cases of everything from routine maintenance, accidents, brake issues, and tire replacement, an efficient auto mechanic sees to it that your car undergoes long-lasting repairs using quality parts.
  • Maine State Inspection: Not only are state inspection’s required by Maine law, but they’re an important reminder to keep up with the safety of your vehicle. Here at Berube’s we are fully licensed for Maine State Inspections.
  • Towing Services: We want to see our customers back on the road, which is why Berube’s offers ‘round the clock towing services. Whenever you need your vehicle towed, give Berube’s a call and we’ll get your vehicle into the shop!
  • Satisfactory Customer Service: Customers ratings and reviews are an indicator of the quality of services rendered by an auto care company. Excellent reviews and ratings show whether a company is living up to customer’s expectations. We here at Berube’s are proud to currently hold a 4/5 star rating on Google Reviews.

The Takeaway

To prolong the life of your vehicle, it’s imperative that you find a reputable auto care facility. We take pride in our work here at Berube’s and aren’t afraid to boast that we have the some of the best auto mechanics in the state of Maine.

Contact Berube’s Auto Care today and let’s get your vehicle running like new again!